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custom logo's

custom and semi-custom logo's
are available for your personal and business needs

single semi-custom logo

These are logos on my website 

that have been created before but 

can be customized for you.  You are free to customize colors, fonts, dates and information but the concept must remain the same.



single custom


This is a single/one version fully customized logo that can be created using any colors/style/font/theme/phrase.





Additional logos are $50/each including alternate logos, phrases, boy versions etc.

multi-custom package- 5 logos


This is a package of any FIVE 

logos/phrases/boy versions etc.  

(EG- 2 name, 2 phrase and a simplified boy version)



Additional logos are $50/each including alternate logos, phrases, boy versions etc.


Included in the price is up to 4 rounds of edits but usually customers don’t need that many.   Any edits past round 4 are charged at $20 per round


steps to move forward

1- Most importantly, think about WHERE you are using these logos before proceeding.  It is important to think of how many colors you want and how many logos you actually need.  Some ideas are:

  • Swag (many times you want this at 1-2 colors vs multi colors to keep costs down)

  • Sign-in board

  • Dance floor

  • TV/plasma screens

  • Step & repeat

  • Cocktail napkins

  • Bathroom clings


2- Contact me and set up a time to review or you can email me detailed ideas.

3- I will send you the first proof within 1 week but usually 2-3 days

4- Review and email me feedback

5- We edit and narrow down until you are completely satisfied

6- Once approved, the final customized logo(s) will be emailed to you in any format you prefer including vector.

matching colors:

You can choose any color, provide Pantone PMS numbers, hex codes from a color palette tool or show a picture.  The more specific you can be, the better!  



number of colors:

Please choose wisely when requesting a logo that has multiple colors, metallics, foils, ombre or glitter.  While these look gorgeous on your computer, most swag or decorators will charge more to print these items.  Think about what you are using the logo for first before deciding on colors.  Additionally, please think about different versions of the same logo for boys vs girls.  


color viewing

Every computer or phone showcases color differently and will not be consistent.  Additionally, the same color printed on multiple mediums (clothing, acrylic, paper, etc.) will show differently. 

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